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Pricing for Consulting by Jayne Cravens



I charge either by the hour or a flat fee by project, depending on the consultation or workshop. Charges vary depending on the length of the consulting, how much new material I am asked to develop or how much I need to customize or rewrite materials or presentations, how much travel is involved (if any), etc.

Note that I always require that all travel costs (including travel to and from airports from my home, hotels or consultation sites) to be covered by the client. Because of past problems regarding travel reimbursements, I now require clients to pay all airline and hotel costs up front, or to provide a stipend upfront for me to pay the costs (I will not pay airline or hotel costs and then wait for reimbursement).

A great way to lower your costs regarding hiring me as a consultant is to help me book other consulting gigs in your geographic area; having multiple clients in one area helping to pay travel costs, instead of just one agency, can make it much more affordable. Another way to lower your costs is to view my what's new page or my public calendar to see if I might already be traveling to your area.

Another way to lower costs is for me to do an online workshop / consultation for your organization.

I will do pro bono (no cost for you) workshops ONLY if such is 45 minutes or less and I can do such online (such as via WebEx), between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. my time (Pacific Coast/Oregon) , with no travel on my part, and the webinar is regarding a subject matter I have presented on before. Sorry, but I no longer do onsite pro bono workshops, even in Oregon (I'm sorry, but I just cannot afford it!).

For a quote regarding my services, please contact me with your full name, the full name of your organization, the dates you have in mind, however general, and as much detail as possible regarding your needs and what kind of consultation on my part you have in mind. Please be as detailed as possible.

Also see a list of workshops and panel discussions I have lead for various organizations, and for international, national and major regional conferences.

For updates about my availability and announcements of new resources on this web site, visit the Jayne Blog. Or, subscribe to Tech4Impact, my free monthly e-mail newsletter.

You can also check my public calendar regarding my availability.

Here is a list of my workshops to date, onsite or online.


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I no longer provide workshops on the basics of virtual volunteering; if you are interested in this subject, I encourage you to purchase The Last Virtual Volunteering Guidebook: Fully Integrating Online Service into Volunteer Involvement, written by me and Susan Ellis.

In addition to consulting, I will also consider full-time or part-time employment that involves: project management or communications (public affairs and marketing) management for an organization working in international development or international affairs, serving women, building capacities among under-served populations, protecting or improving the environment, or building civil society. I am willing to relocate for the right position. For my Curriculum Vitae, please contact me.

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